Upheaval to Uplevel

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Release the inherent energy in your Upheaval in order to:

Expand your capacity for a good life
Leave your old story and past wounding
Live in a simple yet abundant way
Attract quality people, including lovership
Become the person who can have your dreams
Live out your dreams in a fulfilling way!

We go through upheavals many times in life. Upheavals are the tumultuous breakdowns we experience when something we’ve known (employed, married, healthy, a parent, financially stable, etc.) ends or changes and launches us into a great unknown. Sometimes the changes are easily managed. The big ones are life changing. A particularly difficult upheaval can take us into an experience we could even call the dark night of the soul.  

When going through the chaos and pain of an upheaval, we can feel like life has failed us, or worse—that we have failed at life.    However...

    Upheavals are potent opportunities to uplevel your life...to become the person who can have your dreams!

Authentic You

embrace your upheaval

Authentic Life

There are three stages in the Upheaval to Uplevel process.

The Necessary Part

Calm is the first thing you need when you’ve been tossed into upheaval. Your nervous system is on overload. Maybe you can’t eat, think, or make decisions. That happens sometimes. An upheaval doesn’t last forever but when you’re in one, it seems like it will.

There’s no need to stay in pain, or to stumble through hitting dead ends, diversions and distractions. You can make peace with your upheaval, soothe your emotions, and calm the chaos.

Imagine being able to think clearly, eat, sleep, and and have your vitality back. read more...


The Fun Part

Connect invites you to explore who you are today. In this stage, the chaos has mostly completed. The crusty old shells you erected around your heart for (pseudo) protection have cracked and broken away leaving a longing to understand yourself anew.

This is the perfect time to connect the dots of your talents, desires, skills, drives and life experiences to see how they come together into this next version of You. Old realities break apart allowing an entirely new view of life itself.

To make the most of this phase a detailed self-discovery is required. read more...

The Rewarding Part

The Create stage is the most rewarding stage of the Upheaval to Uplevel © journey—the stage that makes it all worth it. The journey you’ve been through finally starts to make sense. You feel stronger, more grounded, more peaceful. Watching the pieces of your life come together after a major upheaval is like watching shattered pieces of glass come back together.

Your upheaval has helped you become the person you’ve always wanted to be, known yourself to be in there somewhere, and can now live. This new you wants to try out its wings and fly in bigger ways in the world. read more...

Jeannine Lee, Relationship Strategist
Upleveling Coach

My name is Jeannine. Life changes rapidly for me. The number of upheavals that have come to be at my service (as I now see them) is remarkable. I haven't always viewed them that way. My upheavals are painful and confusing just like yours...but I'm getting much faster at letting them go and "upleveling" from them. Read More ...