Jeannine Lee

My name is Jeannine. Life changes rapidly for me. The number of upheavals that have come to be at my service (as I now see them) is remarkable. I haven’t always viewed them that way. My upheavals are painful and confusing just like yours…but I’m getting much faster at letting them go and “upleveling” from them. 

I’ve been divorced twice, navigated my empty nest, found my way through menopause, moved 42 times (recently having 5 residences in two years). I’ve been in two car-totaling accidents, lived on the edge of poverty after an unexpected financial betrayal, and spent years dealing with an identity crisis. If I wasn’t a wife or mother or daughter of my father (who died recently), who was I?


I spent two years flat on my back due to health issues, had two lifeline friends walk out of my life, and have experienced the deep loss of two estranged children. 

My Conclusion?

We simple do not know how courageous and resilient we are until upheavals hit and we not only survive them, but we learn from them, grow from them, are deeply changed by them.   Each upheaval helped me become a kinder, gentler, wiser, more flexible, lighter, determined present, and compassionate person. I could not have the life I do now without them. Hard? Good golly. Sometimes I felt like I was unraveling. Worth it? For who it has allowed me to become, absolutely.

I am content. My life is rich with important friends. I love the work I do, and the clients and colleagues I work with. I’m healthy enough to hike with my grandkids and take care of my Mother’s gardens. Life is good. I wish all that and more for you too.

Let’s talk about unleveling your upheavals and becoming the person who can have your dreams.