Get Your Feet Back Under You


Events leading to an upheaval are often huge surprises. Think of car accident, fire, flood, the words “I’m leaving you” from a spouse, friend, or child. Maybe your upheaval is with your health, the loss of a parent, bankruptcy, addiction, sexual or other abuse. The list is endless. We know upheavals happen for us personally, but we don't always recognize that our relationships go through upheavals as they try to evolve, also. So do our communities, our country and even our world. It is all in service of something greater, but we don't know that at first.  

Because they are so unexpected, the shock of an upheaval can knock us down for a while. When we're more practiced at them we can move through more quickly, but the first ones are downright brutal. Before you can do anything else, before you can learn from the experience, before you can incorporate what you've learned you’ve got to Calm your nervous system, Calm your emotions, and get your feet back under you. This is first. Nothing happens until that is accomplished. 

There is Purpose in the Chaos

The chaos you are experiencing has an important function in upleveling (and deepening) your life. We don’t want to minimize it, but it’s an uncomfortable place to hang out so I want to get you out of it quickly while still allowing it to serve you. With my help you will be able to calm your emotions and soothe your nervous system much more quickly than you will on your own. Save yourself the headache and the heartache of hitting useless dead ends.  

In this first stage you will:

  • Calm the emotional chaos (make peace with your upheaval, take care of yourself, honor your experience, calm your nervous system)
  • Learn from your experience (we humans have a deep need to understand painful events so we don’t repeat them)
  • Get your self-confidence back (we often feel something is wrong with us when we're hit with these upheavals)
  • Be prepared to move into Stage Two: Connect

Everyone starts here, in Stage One: Calm. You must first get your feet back under you so you can think clearly again.  There are no shortcuts.

Let’s talk. There are things you can do right now to calm the chaos and feel better.