Connect: Discovering You At Your Core


Watching the pieces of your life come together after a major upheaval is like watching shattered pieces of glass come back together. You experienced the shattering. Now you'll understand the why.  The journey you’ve been on finally starts to make sense. You feel stronger, more grounded, more peaceful. You can laugh at life’s absurdities instead of being overwhelmed by them.

Once your nervous system settles down you will begin to think more clearly.  You will notice a hunger developing in you to explore more of life—to explore more of you. You realize you've changed, you've grown, and you want to keep going. Honestly, there's no turning back once we're at this stage even though we sometimes resist going into the new and unknown.   

Oh, The Possibilities

Along with the hunger comes glimpses of the ways you've changed—perhaps you are surprised by a new inner joy, feel a sense of curiosity and look at life with new eyes. This is the time to gather your energy, happiness and joy home to you by connecting (or possibly reconnecting) with your passions. You may not know your passions just yet. That's ok. The discovery is the adventure. They are still there, silently waiting to be known and lived. This stage of the Upheaval to Uplevel© process gives you the opportunity to connect to your goals, dreams, desires and life experiences in a way that you never could have before. 

Each upheaval provides you with the opportunity to reinvent yourself. Life is about growth. Period. We may not want it to be that way, we may resist the fact that it is that way, but it's still true. Wouldn't you like to live out the rest of your life in more fulfilling ways? 

Coming Home to You

In your old life, the one that has disintegrated, I bet you were spread too thin. That's one of the first things we notice from our new vantage point. You likely took care of everybody else, ignoring the signals from your own heart to rest, to play, to vision. That was part of the breakdown. The other side of upheaval is the time to bring all those parts of you scattered around the universe—back home. And those other parts of you that you've put under lock and key? Those get to come home, too.  

Don't Go Back to "Normal"

Trust me on this one—please. You don't want to dismiss this opportunity in your rush to get back to the same old same old (which by the way, isn't there any more). I'm surprised how many folks do just that. "I just want to get my life back to normal." Whatever your past normal may have been, it likely included an old way of operating in life, which, if looked at honestly, was confining at best and probably downright unhappy.  Why would you want that old life?

How about a new normal that includes a more authentic version of you, living a more authentic life? That is true happiness.  


This second stage is all about you. Among other things, you will:

  • Come home to you  (inner peace, inner wisdom, intuition and guidance, self-confidence, connect to Source, let go of anything that is not of you)
  • Discover you (your values, passions, purpose, the apex of your talents, desires, skills and life experiences)
  • Choose you (redefine your roles, remove masks that stop the flow of love, )

The Connect Stage is exciting.

There is little in life as fulfilling as finding out who you are at your core—and living it.  Life doesn't offer a lot of opportunities for this type of discovery, but you have one in front of you right now. 

Let’s talk about your upheaval and create an inspired plan for moving you forward. You can get on my calendar here.  Easy peasy. No charge.